Please be advised that we have made some significant changes in our daily practices.

Due to staff changes and physical limitations/injuries, we are being very selective with dogs over the weight of 70 lbs.  If you are either a new or current client, you're situation will be handled individually based on your pet.  Please call for details.

(Prices may reflect these changes)


New Hours:

Monday to Friday:  8:00am - 4:00pm

Saturday/Sunday:  CLOSED 


At Markeyda's, we pride ourselves on being efficient, empathetic, and catering to each pets needs.  

Things to know before your appointment!

With only a 1-hour appointment time, your pet gets dedicated hands on attention from one or more groomer, depending on his/her size and physical requirements.  Large dogs are no exception, as we staff accordingly to accommodate making their experience an easy and positive one.  It may be hard to believe we can get everything done in an hour, but we have mastered our methods to make them as time efficient and as easy as possible for your pet.  We realize they would rather be at home or out on a walk, so we will always get them back to you quickly!


Our main goal for each appointment is for your beloved pet to feel great, physically and mentally at the end of each groom, and of course look great as well!  With our quick in and out service, our shop remains quiet and stress free.  Your pet will have very minimal kennel time once they are finished, if any!  Not to worry about other animals around your pet, we never allow them to interact or contact one another.

Difficult to handle pets or those with physical limitations due to age or injury are welcome as well.  For these special clients, our Senior Groom is often suggested.  This involves only doing what is required to make the pet comfortable and clean, omitting unnecessary stresses such as the blow dryer.  We can discuss your pets issues and come up with a suitable plan specifically for them.  We do not sedate animals in any way.


All grooming appointments are determined by the pets personal threshold, which we will always respect first and foremost.  

Because we are limited to 1 hour per animal, please be punctual and understand that we can only allow 15 minutes grace period after your appointment time, and the last thing we want to do is rush on your pet.  After 15 minutes has passed, we may have to rebook for another day.  We understand "life happens", and allow for one missed appointment with no consequence.  Following missed appointments without 24 hours or more notice will be subject to a rescheduling fee.  Thank you for understanding!


     Dog Full Groom Haircuts

       Small Dog (ex.ShihTzu):  $70.00 + GST

       Medium Dog (ex.Wheaton):  $97.00 + GST

       Large Dog (ex.Standard Poodle):  $130.00 + GST

Giant Dog (ex.Newfoundland):  $160.00+ + GST

All standard grooming includes full hair cut, bathing, drying, nail clipping, and ear cleaning.

*Ear plucking by request*

*Anal glands by request for $10.00*

*Bath & Tidy  = $10.00 less Full Groom Prices

(bath/brush/ear cleaning/nails/sanitary/eye & foot trim - hair cut not included) 

Senior groom =  $5.00 less Full Groom Prices 

(includes everything in a standard groom/bath/towel dry - no power dry, minimal detailing) 


*Hand scissoring available at extra charge.

*Hand drying: $5.00 Sm/$10.00 Lrg



Lion cut:  $67.00 + GST

Lion cut + bath:  $77.00 + GST

Comb Out:  approx. $5.00-$20.00 + GST

* Prices subject to change dependent on coat condition, desired length, and animal's tolerance.  We reserve the professional right to do what is best for your pet in the event your preferences cannot be met.